Diagrams: Show Me - Privacy Policy

The Diagrams: Show Me plugin is dedicated to enhancing your diagramming experience within ChatGPT, prioritizing both functionality and your privacy.

About Our Plugin

Diagrams: Show Me is a powerful tool designed for the quick creation and editing of diagrams. It supports various diagram languages, with a focus on mermaid graph diagrams, providing an engaging visual alternative to text.

Data Collection and Usage

We collect essential data related to the diagrams you create using our plugin. Our collaboration with third-party services, including Miro, Cloudfare, and Mixpanel, is central to our operations. The integration with Miro, in particular, is a revenue-generating feature that offers enhanced functionality such as drag-and-drop capabilities. This collaboration, along with others, is vital for improving our services and user experience. The data we collect is used primarily for service enhancement, including fixing rendering issues and optimizing performance.

Data Sharing and Monetization

We share data with trusted third parties like Miro, Cloudfare, and Mixpanel to enhance our plugin's functionality and efficiency. Our partnership with Miro is not only instrumental in providing advanced features but also contributes to our revenue stream. However, we are committed to handling your data responsibly and do not engage in selling, trading, or indiscriminately sharing your information.

Policy Updates

We may update this privacy policy as needed, with changes being posted on this page. Our commitment is to uphold transparency and trust in our data handling practices.

For any inquiries or concerns about our privacy practices, we encourage you to contact us. Your feedback is invaluable for our continuous improvement.

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